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Вагнер Вальдемар:
NS Cliford 2011, walach, Holsteiner, Cassito x Lasino

Вагнер Вальдемар:
HOLST gelding, born 2007

Cassini II x Cassido I


Вагнер Вальдемар:
BISCAYA Cancara Landgraf, 6 yo, mare


Вагнер Вальдемар:
Mr_Ballou_OLDBRG gelding, born 2005

Вагнер Вальдемар:
Mare Francheska,
date of birth: 2007,
horse breed: Latvian warmblood,
height: 168 cm.
Super offer !!! Very SPECIAL OFFER!
7000 EUR

Light natured mare, with a good leap technique, very comfortable in the saddle.
No problem with the nature, transportation, hammering, care. Very interesting and colorful horse, very light on the movements and management.
Since it has no trouble young lady. Victories and prizes at national competitions for young horses up to 120 cm.
Easy to operate, suitable for the children's tournament.

It has potential in dressage - easily and simply takes all the elements of youthful drive, change the pace.




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